Monthly Archives: October 2013

2013-10-24 Web Store


  • Allow delivery note to be a required field in the web store┬ácheckout process
  • Allow delivery note to be removed from the web store checkout process

2013-10-18 Deliveries, Email


  • Add ability to use the emailer from the deliveries page.


  • Tidy up buttons on the deliveries page.

2013-10-16 Sign Up, Settings


  • Under certain circumstances when signing up and configuring your new business account, in the Payments section, your selected bank transactions import would fail to be automatically be set up

2013-10-14 Customers, Halt


  • Halted customers can now be filtered by clicking on their red halted tag.


  • An error would occur when a customer would try to change their address to an invalid one (e.g. empty).

2013-10-10 Fix


  • In some circumstances, it was possible to pause an order with a date in the past, which would fail.
  • Removing a day from a delivery service was not working properly, it now deactivates the orders for this day as expected.

2013-10-07 Update


  • Fix a situation which redirects an active webstore to