Monthly Archives: September 2013

2013-09-27 Update


  • We made the UI cleaner by removing some superfluous currency signs ($, €, etc.).
  • This change will also resolve a few issues we’ve been having with currencies internally.

2013-09-18 Fix


  • Added a descriptive error message if no days are selected for a new Delivery Service.

2013-09-09 Fix


  • Fix crash when a customer would log in while their distributor was not fully set up yet.

2013-09-05 Settings


  • Your settings panel has been revamped for a smoother experience, especially:
    • the Delivery Services page ;
    • the Customer Preferences page ;
    • and the Payments page (previously known as Bank Information).
  • We also pre-populate your Customer Preferences now to help you getting started in no time.

2013-09-02 Setup, Welcome Message


  • A welcome message is now displayed to new users and instructs them what to do next.
  • A progress bar is shown tracking the steps completed.