Monthly Archives: August 2013

2013-08-30 Settings


  • We noticed that the Stock List denomination was not accurate and renamed it to Customer Preferences.


  • A bug where a customer could accidentally change their delivery service when ordering from the webstore if they did not already have an active order.

2013-08-29 Fix


  • Javascript actions on the customer account page would silently fail if the session had timed out.  It now displays an error and prompts the customer to login again.

2013-08-28 Update


  • We noticed that the Route wording was confusing and renamed it to Delivery Service to fit all usages.
  • Long Delivery Service names now wrap nicely on the customer’s profile page.

2013-08-26 Update


  • We noticed our navigation bar in the customer list and settings would cause a bit of a jump when the content started scrolling underneath. We updated the code for a smoother scroll.
  • Our “Import Transactions” pop up on the payments screen needed a few minor text changes to improve the readability.

2013-08-21 Webstore


  • We took a lot of time redo the inner workings of the webstore. While there are not many customer facing changes it is now much easier to fix when the occasional bug does pop up as well as being in a much better place to start on new customer facing improvements. One improvement you may notice right away is the webstore forms now give much better feedback if there is incorrect or missing data.

2013-08-20 Reporting


  • As part of our continuous user experience improvements, we’ve moved the Reporting page to your top right hand menu (used to be in the settings area). It also includes some design tweaks.

2013-08-14 Manual Transaction Fix


  •  Manual transactions done on the customer page were not storing the correct “transaction date” and thus not showing up in transaction reports. Fixed Bucky Box to store correct year (eg. 2013 instead of 13) and also fixed previous transactions. This only affected manual transactions.

2013-08-07 Tweaks


  • During the webstore checkout process, in some circumstances, customers could not pick a delivery day for their selected delivery service

2013-08-05 Tweaks


  • As we like to keep Bucky Box as streamlined as possible we have removed the currently unnecessary ‘Invoice Information’ tab in the settings.