Monthly Archives: June 2013

2013-06-28 Transactional Customers


  • Hovering over the customers title on the customer list screen will show a tally of transactional customers (customers with one or more transactions)

2013-06-27 Bugs


  • Internal reliability tests
  • On rare occasions the customer list would display random customers

2013-06-26 Tweaks


  • Sending email to customers would fail if the sender/organisation name contained a colon

2013-06-25 Emailing and Exporting


  • Checkboxes! The customers screen has checkbox for selecting customers for actions (such as email, export, and more to come)
  • Integrated Email! Bulk and individual emails can be sent to customers directly from Bucky Box
  • Templates can be created and used for emailing customers
  • Merge tags allowing customer information such as first name, last name, account balance, and address to be inserted in emails
  • “View as email addresses” – i.e. a comma separated list of customer email addresses can be generated for copying into other systems such as email apps.
  • Full customer information can be exported into CSV format including previously hidden fields just as last payment date, how a customer was created, customer creation date and many more.
  • Total number of customers, and Total aggregate balance from all customers are now included into the headings on the customers screen


  • A rare rounding issue has been resolved relating to payments

2013-06-14 Webstore


  • Under certain circumstances, extras were not showing up during the shopping cart extras process

2013-06-12 Admin System


  • Behind the scenes improvements to the admin system for customer support and metrics

2013-06-10 Labels and Workflow


  • Customer Labels are now also displayed in the Delivery and Packing Screens to facilitate more extensive workflow “hacks”


  • Orders for boxes containing gigantic lists of exclusions or substitutes would break the packing list generation process

2013-06-07 Admin System


  • Admin system for emailing important announcements such as major updates and news to Bucky Box admin account holders, this can be switched off in the settings

2013-06-06 Webstore Checkout


  • Customers can fill in a Delivery Note during the checkout process
  • New customers are added to the customer database only after confirming an order, previously a new customer was created as soon as sufficient information was available
  • Delivery information  added to the Webstore Order Summary (e.g. day of week and frequency)
  • More detailed information on the pricing of Extra Items added to the checkout process
  • Customer discount clearly displayed in the Order Summary as a separate line entry
  • General visual clean up of the checkout process